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AIM was developed by a group of counselors who are outdoor-enthusiasts and recognized a need for men and boys to receive validation, affirmation, and guidance in their journey of manhood. Weekend activities are geared toward developing confidence and overcoming fear surrounding masculine activities and association. The weekend may include camping, backpacking, canoeing, sports, hiking, swimming, or repelling. Each AIM weekend is unique, will focus on a variety of men’s issues, and is geared toward helping participants engage in healing and camaraderie. While the weekend is not considered “therapy,” many participants find deep healing.

All participants bring a male mentor/buddy of their own choosing to engage in the activities with. If the participant is a youth he must bring an adult aged 21 years or older.

*You and your buddy/mentor must each register separately. Be sure to list each other on your registration form so we can work with you together!

  • AIM is a non-commercial event developed to assist men and youth who have wounds around bonding with peers and mentors of the same sex.
  • The activities and events are designed for healing of emotional issues and wounds.
  • We are a group of volunteers, not professionals.
  • AIM fosters healthy bonding with men, youth and their mentors through masculine activity, teamwork, and socialization.
  • AIM challenges individuals physically, mentally, and emotionally in a safe circle of healthy men.
  • We are not affiliated with any particular religion, but the staff are faith-based and follow conservative standards throughout the weekend. Religious proselyting is not permitted on the weekend.

For more information, contact the AIM Program Director: John McLean, LPC, CSAT at (480) 668-8301 or