What are Sexualized Attachments?

When attachment drives become fused with sexual drives, it’s called sexualized attachment. Everyone has legitimate needs for bonding and attachment that are inherent from birth. Our craving for connection is a survival mechanism wired into our genetics. These needs cannot … Continued

In Recovery from Sexual Addiction and Betrayal Trauma, Daily Balance is Key

From a conversation with Dr. Floyd Godfrey, PhD, LPC, CCS, CSAT-S, Executive Director and Debbie McRae, LPC, CSAT The Need for Daily Balance Family Strategies therapists recognize the need for daily balance in recovery from sexual addiction and betrayal recovery. … Continued

Dating in a Pornified World

As a 19 year old figuring out the world of dating, no one warned me how pornography addiction affects relationships. I sifted through potential partners unaware that I was blindly choosing from a pool in which 79% of men between … Continued