Addiction to Pornography

Research over the past ten years has produced a clear outcome – people do indeed
become addicted to pornography. We have worked with hundreds of men and
youth mostly in the East Valley who are addicted to pornography. There are
psychological, neurological as well as chemical adjustments, which result over time
as an outcome of using pornography. If you’re addicted to pornography the adverse
consequences might begin slowly and be undetected. You may not know that
changes are occurring till you are seriously hooked. Over time you find that porn
consumes large amounts of your time as well as becomes central to your day-to-day
Just how do you know if you’re addicted to porn? The following are some common

You feel it’s out of control; you merely cannot stop despite the fact that you
promise every single time that you won’t do it anymore.

  1. You keep using porn despite the fact that it’s in conflict with personal values
    or convictions.
  2. You attempt to conceal your porn usage and prevent others from discovering
    what you are doing.
  3. When you aren’t viewing pornography, you spend time preparing for the
    next chance.
  4. You risk getting “caught” in places it would be improper like school or work.
  5. Using pornography starts to take away from important activities such as
    school, employment, friends or family time.
  6. The porn has started to change your connection with friends or family, and
    seems to be causing a sense of disconnection or moodiness.

Resolving pornography addiction is a difficult journey. There is no fast or magical
fix. It takes time and expert guidance. If you’ve tried previously and failed, then you
are typical of most of the men we work with. Don’t let previous attempts to quit
impact your confidence. There is nothing wrong with you except that you are
addicted. Search for a counselor with special training in pornography or sexual
addiction in order to help yourself. Typically, those with training will have a CSAT
credential (Certified Sex Addiction Therapist). Call us to get a free 15-minute
consultation with one of our therapists trained in pornography addiction in Mesa AZ
(480) 668-8301.