Betrayal Trauma and Pornography Addiction: The Silent Suffering of Spouses

The growing prevalence of pornography addiction poses not only a challenge to the individuals caught in its grasp but also inflicts deep emotional wounds on their spouses. This article sheds light on the often-overlooked victims of pornography addiction—the spouses—through insights from leading researchers and the comprehensive recovery approach offered by the SABR program at Family Strategies Counseling Center in Scottsdale and Mesa, Arizona.

The Shadow of Addiction

Pornography addiction introduces a complex web of betrayal, trust issues, and emotional distress for the spouse. Renowned experts like Dr. Rob Weiss and Dr. Kim Buck provide valuable insights into the dynamics of addiction and its ripple effects on relationships. They emphasize the significance of acknowledging the trauma experienced by spouses, often referred to as betrayal trauma, which can lead to profound psychological impacts.

Navigating Betrayal Trauma

Betrayal trauma occurs when the trust foundational to a relationship is shattered, leaving the non-addicted spouse feeling isolated, ashamed, and often questioning their worth and reality. The insights from Dr. Weiss and Dr. Kim Buck underline the importance of specialized support and therapy for both the addict and the spouse to navigate this turbulent journey towards healing.

Counseling with SABR at Family Strategies Counseling Center

The SABR (Sexual Addiction Betrayal Recovery) program at Family Strategies Counseling Center offers a beacon of hope for couples grappling with pornography addiction. Counseling with SABR, available in both Scottsdale and Mesa, Arizona, provides a dual approach that addresses the addict's behavior while also offering crucial support to the spouse. This program emphasizes education, therapeutic intervention, and community support as pillars for recovery.

The Role of Therapeutic Intervention

Therapeutic intervention plays a critical role in healing from betrayal trauma. It offers a safe space for the spouse to express their feelings, learn coping mechanisms, and begin the process of rebuilding trust. The SABR program's approach integrates individual and couples therapy, ensuring that both partners receive the support they need to heal and grow together.


The path to recovery from pornography addiction and its associated betrayal trauma is a challenging journey that requires compassion, patience, and professional support. Counseling with SABR at Family Strategies Counseling Center in Scottsdale and Mesa, Arizona, represents a comprehensive approach that not only aids in the recovery of the addict but also provides vital support to the spouse. The insights from Dr. Rob Weiss and Dr. Kim Buck, combined with the effective strategies of the SABR program, illuminate the path towards healing and renewed trust.

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