Does My Therapist Care?

By Steph Faust-Morineau, LAC



An Open Letter to “A Client”


A couple days ago I saw a post on social media about a lady being worried her therapist only cares because she’s paying her. This prompted me to write this open letter to the proverbial client. 

 I care. I truly do, and not just because you pay me. The first time you sat on my couch, and you were so nervous to tell me why you were here, I cared about how hard it was for you to even come. I thought you were so incredibly brave to be here. I thought the courage it took for you to show up was truly magnificent. As time went on and you began to trust me and show me some of the more private things, I still care. I care about the parts that nobody saw or had neglected for quite some time. When you come in with major disappointments, I feel them alongside you. When you show me your tears, I am so honored I get the privilege to witness your emotion, especially if that wasn’t safe for you in the past. When you set a boundary, I am so excited for you! When I challenge you, it’s because I know that you are worthy and capable, more than you give yourself credit for.  They say you shouldn’t take work home, well whoever “they” are don’t know you have that interview coming up or that conversation happening tomorrow, and I’m thinking about you on that day. I can’t wait to hear how it went in our next session because I care. I care deeply. There might be times where I may say something that bothers you. I want more than anything to make sure we repair, because I truly care about you being heard and known. Keep healing you brave amazing soul.

 From your caring therapist.


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