Insights from Professionals in Treatment for Pornography Addiction

The prevalence of pornography addiction in today's digital age presents a complex issue impacting individuals and families. This article delves into the insights of Dr. Kevin Skinner, a recognized leader in the field of pornography addiction treatment. His research and practice offer a nuanced understanding of the psychological patterns of addiction and the path to recovery.

Educational Strategies and Understanding the Addiction

Dr. Skinner, with over two decades of experience and research, provides a comprehensive framework for understanding the psychology of pornography addiction. In his book Treating Pornography Addiction: The Essential Tools for Recovery, he discusses the brain's wiring in relation to addictive behavior and how these patterns can be rewritten to pave the way for recovery (Skinner, 2017).

His approach emphasizes the importance of assessment tools in diagnosing the severity of addiction and tailoring the recovery process. He is a proponent of combining evidence-based therapeutic interventions and assessment tools to facilitate individual and family healing (Skinner, n.d.).

Therapeutic Intervention and the Role of Support Systems

Dr. Skinner stresses that therapy is evolving beyond traditional methods. He co-founded Addo Recovery, which leverages technology to provide quality mental health services. These services aim to address sexual addiction and betrayal trauma comprehensively and innovatively, catering to clients worldwide. Dr. Skinner's clinical work also extends to the online platform Bloom for Women, which supports women dealing with the aftermath of sexual betrayal and addiction within their relationships (Skinner, n.d.).

His methodologies involve addressing the trauma associated with sexual betrayal, emphasizing a compassionate and evidence-based therapeutic approach. The structure and effectiveness of programs like SABR (Sexual Addiction and Betrayal Recovery) align well with his philosophy of providing structured, goal-oriented, and compassionate care to individuals battling pornography addiction.


Dr. Skinner's work reflects a deep understanding of the psychological aspects of pornography addiction and the importance of a structured recovery plan. Through his writing and his work with Addo Recovery and other organizations, he continues to advance the field by providing practical tools and therapeutic insights to aid recovery.

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