SABR and Pornography Addiction Recovery: A Three-Phase Journey to Recovery

Understanding the Need for a Structured Approach

The prevalence of pornography and sexual addiction has prompted a significant demand for effective recovery programs. Insights from researchers and the Sexual Addiction Behavioral Recovery (SABR) program developed by the Family Strategies Counseling Center highlight a comprehensive approach to addressing these issues. The SABR program, grounded in psychological research and evidence-based practices, is tailored to meet the unique challenges faced by individuals struggling with these addictions.

The SABR Program: A Comprehensive Approach

The SABR program is structured into three distinct phases, each designed to address different aspects of recovery to ensure a holistic recovery process. This structured approach facilitates a deeper understanding of addiction patterns, the development of practical coping strategies, and the integration of new, healthy behaviors into daily life.

Phase One: Education and Awareness

The initial phase focuses on educating the individual about the nature of addiction, its psychological underpinnings, and the impact it has on various aspects of life. This phase is crucial for building a foundation of knowledge that empowers individuals to recognize and accept their addiction, setting the stage for meaningful change. Similarly, the partner will learn coping strategies for the emotional distress and crisis in which she may find herself.

Phase Two: Application and Skill Development

In the second phase, the emphasis shifts to applying the knowledge gained in the first phase to real-life situations. Individuals learn coping mechanisms and strategies to manage triggers and cravings. This phase is instrumental in developing resilience and self-regulation skills, essential for long-term recovery. Partners continue learning coping strategies, but also begin to focus on the application of these strategies.

Phase Three: Integration and Maintenance

The final phase focuses on integrating the new skills and behaviors into daily life, with an emphasis on maintaining these changes over the long term. This phase supports individuals in building a sustainable, healthy lifestyle free from addiction, with ongoing support and resources to prevent relapse.

Encouragement and Hope for Successful Recovery

The journey to recovery from sex or pornography addiction is challenging yet deeply rewarding. The SABR program's structured approach offers a clear pathway to healing, emphasizing the importance of education, skill development, and integration for lasting change. Individuals embarking on this journey can find hope in the knowledge that recovery is possible, with the right support and dedication.

The Family Strategies Counseling Center has been a beacon of hope since 2000, offering specialized programs like SABR, Tribe for college students, and Band of Brothers for teens. For anyone struggling with pornography and sexual addiction issues, reaching out for help is the first step towards a new beginning. With professional guidance and a supportive community, recovery is not just a possibility but a realistic goal. For more information or to seek help, please contact the Family Strategies Counseling Center at (800) 614-8142 or visit

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