“Travel Kits” for Pornography Addiction Recovery

As counselors in the SABR program serving families in Scottsdale and Mesa, Arizona, we  understand that individuals facing this struggle may encounter heightened challenges while traveling, whether they reside in Mesa or Scottsdale, Arizona or elsewhere. It's not uncommon for our clients to share their difficulties in resisting temptations when they are on the road. Whether it's due to work-related travel or short getaways, the sense of anonymity that comes with being in unfamiliar surroundings can be detrimental. Travel can lead individuals to mentally retreat into a world of fantasy, especially when surrounded by unfamiliar faces. The solitude of a hotel room can become a threatening environment for those grappling with pornography addiction.

To address these concerns, we recommend creating a specialized Travel Kit, similar to what we’ve previously discussed as a First Aid Kit for recovery. This Travel Kit is specifically tailored for trips and serves as a valuable resource to remind individuals of their recovery journey and equip them with tools to stay away from their bottom lines.

Consider assembling items in your Travel Kit that help transform your hotel room into a comforting and supportive space. Include pictures of your family to place on the nightstand, photos of your support network to display on the television, special audio recordings or CDs, a pillowcase from your own bed, or your personal Bible for the nightstand. Anything that fosters a sense of familiarity and home within the hotel room can be immensely helpful.

Boredom can also pose a serious challenge during travel, so we recommend including a list of activities and entertainment options in your Travel Kit. Prior to your trip, take some time to research local attractions and tourism ideas wherever your travels may take you. Explore the possibility of attending support groups in the area by searching online resources. Bring stationery to write letters or cards to loved ones back home, and plan how to utilize any downtime you might encounter.

Television can sometimes be a trigger for individuals struggling with pornography addiction. Consider requesting a room without a television or ask the hotel staff to remove it. If these options are not available, you can unplug the TV upon arrival and turn it against the wall. Create a sign to hang on the television that reads something like: "I have better things to do."

Remember, there's no need to tough it out alone when you're on the road. By taking the time to prepare a Travel Kit, you can make your travel experiences less challenging and more supportive of your recovery journey. It's essential to be proactive and share the details of your Travel Kit with someone in your support network. They may offer valuable suggestions and encouragement to help you stay on track during your travels.

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