Treatment for Pornography Addiction as an Attachment Disorder

Pornography addiction is increasingly understood through the lens of attachment theory, a perspective brought to the forefront by professionals like Philip Flores. Flores articulates this connection in his work, "Addiction as an Attachment Disorder," presenting the idea that at the heart of addiction lies a profound struggle with attachment and intimacy. This view suggests that individuals grappling with pornography addiction often face significant challenges in forming and maintaining healthy, intimate relationships.

Understanding Attachment in the Realm of Addiction

Attachment theory posits that early relationships with caregivers set the stage for future relational patterns and emotional regulation. Flores' theory extends this framework to addiction, positing that those addicted to pornography might be attempting to compensate for a lack of intimate connections either from their formative years or present-day adult life. This insight shifts the focus of treatment towards addressing these foundational relational deficits, advocating for therapeutic interventions that emphasize relationship-building and emotional connectivity as central to recovery.

Navigating the Path to Recovery

Central to overcoming pornography addiction, as seen through Flores' attachment-based perspective, is the therapeutic endeavor to heal attachment wounds or disruptions. This approach recognizes the importance of fostering a therapeutic environment where individuals feel accepted, understood, and connected, countering the isolation that often accompanies addiction. By focusing on building a sense of community and belonging, treatment can help address the underlying attachment issues that fuel addictive behaviors.


Recovery from pornography addiction, when viewed through the attachment disorder lens, emphasizes the importance of compassionate, relationship-focused therapy. This perspective offers hope and encouragement to those struggling, highlighting the possibility of healing and transformation through the development of healthier attachment styles and interpersonal connections. It underscores the potential for individuals to move beyond the cycle of addiction into a space of recovery and relational fulfillment.

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